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Watershed Characterization Report

The Watershed Characterization Report is a documentation of the water resources within the boundaries of the Lakehead Source Protection Area. The Characterization Report provides a description of the natural environment and the human influences that may impact water quantity and quality of the watershed as it relates to Source Protection Planning.

The Report has been divided into sections to provide a quick reference and ease to download including a full set of maps.

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Preface & Introduction - Pages 1 to 7

Watershed Description - Natural Environment - Pages 8 - 109
Stakeholders and Partners, Physical Description, Hydrology, Naturally Vegetated Areas - (Wetlands and Woodlands) and Aquatic Ecology.

Watershed Description - Human Influences - Pages 109 - 183
Population Distribution, Land Use
Settlement Areas
Mining and Aggregate Extraction
Oil and Gas
Agriculture Resources
Protected Areas
Other Land Use

Water Uses & Source Protection - Pages 184 - 212
Drinking Water Sources
Recreation Water Use
Agriculture Water Use
Industrial Water Use

Water Quality
Water Quantity
Description of Vulnerable Areas
Existing Specific Threats Inventory
Summary of Identified Issues and Potential Issues

References - Pages 213 -219

Acronym Summary

Glossary of Terms

Appendix 1 - Summary of Existing LRCA Water Resources
Appendix 2 - List of Named Rivers and Streams in Lakehead SPA
Appendix 3 - List of Named Lakes in Lakehead SPA
Appendix 4 - List of Known Cemetery Sites in Lakehead SPA
Appendix 5 - Summary of Wood Manufacturing Industries
Appendix 6 - Summary of Permits to Take Water in Lakehead SPA


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