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The Water Budget and Water Quantity Stress Assessment is an analysis of how much water is available within the boundaries of the Lakehead Source Protection Area. Water quantity is measured and characterized by the influences of the water cycle including precipitation, runoff and evaporation. The Water Budget provides an understanding of how water is connected as it moves through a watershed.

The budgetting activities in this report are focused on the impacts to Municipal drinking water systems only. These include the groundwater supply for Rosslyn, the Lake Superior intake for Thunder Bay and the former intake in Loch Lomond for Thunder Bay.

The Report has been divided into sections to provide a quick reference and ease to download including a full set of maps.

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Introduction - Pages 1 - 8

Water Budget Elements - Pages 9 - 46
Climatic Setting
Land Cover
Surface Water
Water Use
Report on Quality and Quantity of Available Data

Integrated Conceptual Understanding - Pages 47 - 56
Water Budget on a Watershed Basis
SPA Water Budget Calculations
Water Use Percentage

Tier 1 Water Budget and Water Quantity Stress Assessment - Pages 57 - 74
Water Budget Elements
Subwatershed Stress Assessment
Significant Recharge Areas
Data and Knowledge Gaps

References - Page 75

Appendix A - Summary of Climate Data
Appendix B - Water Budget Maps
Appendix C - IDW Interpolation Technique
Appendix D - List of Acronyms
Appendix E - Glossary


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