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Walkerton Report

Walkerton Report & Source Protection

The Walkerton Tragedy led to the legislation of the "Clean Water Act" which was passed into law July 3, 2007. Seven people died and more than 2,300 became ill as a result of a series of human and mechanical failures that allowed bacteria to enter into the Municipal water supply at Walkerton. Justice Dennis O'Connor was appointed Commissioner to lead a public inquiry to investigate the tragedy and provide advice on how similar events could be prevented in the future.

Multi Barrier Approach

In his report, Justice O'Connor recommended the development of a multi-barrier approach with the protection of the sources of drinking water as the first step in the process.

The report made a series of recommendations relating to the specifics of the Walkerton tragedy which are outlined in the two reports below.

Walkerton Report: Part One

Walkerton Report: Part Two

In February 2004, The White Paper, released by the Ministry of Envrionment, proposed an approach for the development of a watershed-based source protection program and a legislative framework for the development and approval of source protection plans.

White Paper on Watershed-Based Source Protection Planning (PDF 2.5 mb)

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