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Drinking Water Stewardship Program

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How we dispose of and handle hazardous waste materials in our homes, garages and yards can make a difference to protect the sources of drinking water.

Products that you use every day like cleaners, paints, stains, solvents, pesticides, fertilizers, and even products like nail polish remover have the potential to pollute the groundwater and surface water sources that supply our drinking water, if they are not handled and disposed of properly.

These products should not be dumped down the drain, spilled in the yard or dumped in the landfill. The harmful materials in paints, solvents, gasoline and cleaners for example, cannot be filtered out by septic and sewage systems, storm drains or the ground.

These products could contaminate the sources of your drinking water whether you are on a Municipal system or a private well.

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The removal and disposal of old tires from properties throughout the watershed will reduce the risk of contamination to both ground and surface water sources of drinking water. Old tires can break down, with potential contaminants seeping into the ground or running off the surface to reach a water source.

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Information Guide for Source Protection

A Guide for Source Protection of Drinking Water
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Pick up a FREE copy of the 12-page booklet at the office of the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority.

This brochure was produced under the Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program as an education and outreach project.

Property owners are encouraged to pick up a copy of the publication at the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority office. While the booklet is aimed at the protection of the sources of Municipal residential drinking water under the “Clean Water Act”, property owners who obtain their water from private wells may find the information useful.



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