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Maps - Lakehead Source Protection Area

The maps posted illustrate the Lakehead Source Protection Area and the features that may impact water quantity and quality of the watershed as it relates to Source Protection Planning. Maps provided are in PDF format.

Lakehead Source Protection Area (SPA)- Maps

Map A - Watershed Boundary of Lakehead Source Protection Area (808 KB)

Map B - Municipal Drinking Water Systems in Lakehead SPA (684 KB)

Watershed Characterization - Maps
A set of 14 maps provide visual documentation to support the Watershed Characterization Report for the Lakehead Source Protection Area.

Map 1 - Lakehead Source Protection Area Boundary (705 KB)

Map 2 - Bedrock Geology (538 KB)

Map 3 - Topography

Map 3A - Physiography

Map 4 - Soils Composition (OMAFRA)

Map 4A - Forest Soils (derived from forest resource inventory)

Map 5 - Significant Hydrologic Features

Map 6 - Wetlands

Map 7 - Wooded Areas

Map 8 - Aquatic Ecology

Map 9 - Population Distribution and Density

Map 10 - Existing and Future Land Uses

Map 11 - Municipal Water Wells and Water Treatment Plants (1.40 MB)

Map 15 - Water Takings and Water Use



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