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Assessment Report

The Assessment Report is the technical, science-based report, generated by the Lakehead Source Protection Committee, to identify risks and threats to the sources of Municipal residential drinking water in the Lakehead Source Protection Area. Threats and risks will be identified and assessed for the vulnerable areas defined in technical studies for the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant that serves the City of Thunder Bay and the Rosslyn Village Subdivision Well Supply in the Municipality of Oliver Paiponge.

The Assessment Report for the Lakehead Source Protection Area was submitted to the Director of the Ministry of Environment by the Lakehead Source Protection Authority on July 6, 2010, and approved by the Minister of Environment on June 21, 2011.

The Assessment Report contains the technical and scientific information that the Lakehead Source Protection Committee requires in order to develop the Source Protection Plan. The Committee will use technical studies completed on the Bare Point Intake Protection Zone and Rosslyn Village Wellhead Protection Area to assess the vulnerability of surface water and groundwater sources. The Watershed Characterization and Water Budget Reports will also help support decisons made to address water quality and water quantity issues and threats.

The Assessment Report identifies:

  • vulnerable areas for both groundwater and surface water sources;
  • activities and conditions that pose a risk to the quality and quantity of drinking water sources;
  • whether these risks are significant, moderate or low threats.

Public Consulation - Proposed Assessment Report

The Lakehead Source Protection Committee completed the development of the “Proposed Assessment Report” with public consultation ended on June 25, 2010.

As required by regulation under the “Clean Water Act”, notices were published in local newspapers, at Municipal offices and on the internet at to inform the public on how to provide their opinions and comments on the “Proposed Assessment Report” to the Lakehead Source Protection Committee.

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